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Brandon Monday April 17, 2017
I bought one of the Batman ones and another cloth one from a different website. I will end up buying more of which one works better for me. So far, the Batman one from this site is doing remarkably well.
baby Jedward Wednesday April 5, 2017
I have received my aio diapers and they are awesome. I love mlp fim and look forward to other paterns. Eventually I would love to order a body suit, but time will tell. please continue to expand you product lines, they are awesome.
Geoff Flight Wednesday March 29, 2017
I bought 9 of these fabulous nappies almost 5 years ago and they form half of my 24/7 nappying. ONly now are they looking like needing to be replaced after 200-300 wears and even then, it is only the outer covers that have gone. The inners are still in close to 100% working order. But I do like the fabulous outers! Will be ordering 15 more soon.
Tia Friday March 17, 2017
I'm the little that Kerry mentioned in her review. She got me the teal tinker bell for my birthday. It arrived today and I never want to take it off again! I love it so much! It's the first time a cloth diaper has ever fit me. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
bill Friday February 17, 2017
Another Christmas and another wonderful day ! I got 3 new diapers and they are just THE BEST ! I am such a fortunate and lucky little man to get these beautiful works of art. Thank you Monika for your amazing products...they are truly extra special !!!!
Kerry Friday February 17, 2017
I just wanted to take a moment and thank you, I just recived my new nappie in the mail yesterday and already spent the night in it. it hid well under my work pants and even with the doubler it was a great fit. Thank you again this is my 3rd one and I want to get 2 more before the end of this year. One will be a gift for another Little :) I cant wait to come back. :)
CuriousGeorge Friday February 17, 2017
Looking through with my partner and we keep going 'WANT!' at loads of the items for sale. Can't wait for pay day now!
Zuma Friday November 11, 2016
The Paw Patrol one is so adorable! I love paw patrol!
Apingaut Friday September 9, 2016
Love the pair of training pants that i ordered they are extremely comfortable. Going to do business again. (Hopefully yall have training pants with foxes next time.)
Shawnboy Thursday August 25, 2016
I am a cloth diaper beginner so to speak, I have a few clothe diapers in the closet. But the one I got in the mail today from dependeco is by far the best one I own! I haven't used it yet, I'm not sure if I'm gonna need plastic pants with this or not? We will find out in the morning though, I might be ordering more in the future. Plus, the one I bought is super super super cute!
diaperdan Thursday August 25, 2016
I wish to thank Monika for a superior diaper and excellent service!!! These aio cloth diapers are the most comfortable and absorbenti have ever worn!!!!! Iwill order more in the future. Thanks again. diaperdan .
Aaron Thursday August 25, 2016
I just want to say that when I requested the custom wodland camo fleece onesie, I thought it would take forever, but it came so fast and it is so comfortable and fits perfectly over my Pokemon on aqua cloth aio diapers. Thank you so much
Baby Jet's fan Monday December 28, 2015
I needed something to help me get through the night time and for days when I'm not feeling well. Monika got New York Jet's print and I love my diapers. They are super comfy and absorbent. Since I'm a heavy wetter the booster pad was also purchased.
Bill Monday December 28, 2015
Merry Christmas All,

What a lucky "little" man I am !!! Today I received a most glorious present, 1 Flannel AIO diaper and 3 pairs of Training Pants!

I must again proclaim how absolutely wonderful all these Dependco products are. I have been a customer for a mere 9 months but have come to completely embrace them all with love and joy. Being wrapped in one of these luscious diapers or climbing into a fresh pair of training pants transports me immediately back to a time of wonder and innocence.

The joy these products bring are a direct result of the love and care that Monika infuses into her work. Through correspondence, I KNOW the genuine love she has for her work, and through experience, I know the quality of her craft.

I was raised, the youngest of three, in a solid middle class family and remember fondly the love and care of my mother. We always had what we needed and it was generally of the highest quality; we were always warm and cozy. These diapers and training pants are exactly what my mother would have used for us had they been available back then. This is what makes them extra special for me.

I once again want to thank Monika for her amazing offerings and for her willingness to embrace our "community". It is through these products that I am/we are able to enter "little space" and engage in a mindset which is both joyous and beneficial.

May you ALL have a happy 2016.
Babied Tuesday December 15, 2015
"Oh Monika"; I stand quivering with Excitement, and Emotion, in my all in one fleecy INCONTENANCE diaper, having missed You and Dependeco Diapers So Much! The Whole World Simply Must Know that my thirst for all the fleeciness, that covers me so sweetly, and lovingly will be "A Forever" experience for me, Thanks To Your Wonderful Product! Thank You, Monika For Everything. Your Forever Helpless Diapered Friend; Babied. :):):):).8
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