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happy customer Wednesday February 18, 2015

"This is the BEST vendor I have ever dealt with online! She answers questions thoroughly and quickly plus the items ordered are received quickly, the several items I ordered at different times were in my hands within 5 days. The workmanship is tops, comfort is fantastic & overall it is perfect for the intended use."
Babied Thursday February 12, 2015
I am sleeping Wonderfully in my AIO Pull Diaper, and Fleece Footed Pajamas, and recently dreamed that "I WAS BREASTFED IN THEM"! WOW; They Are That Suggestive to my dreams!!!!
Michael Monday January 19, 2015
I am just about to place my first order with Monika.. Outside of the AB influence, I personally find fitted cloth diapers 1000 times more comfortable(and snugly and comfy too) and healthier for my body than underwear and I'm sure this can proven medically..
Jane Tuesday December 23, 2014
Ordered on Saturday evening, shipped on Monday, received on Thursday. Made customized fit for no extra charge. Very impressed!
Babied Tuesday December 9, 2014
My PUL Diaper arrived today, and "IT'S EVERYTHING I HAD HOPED FOR"! Kudos to You, Monika, and Your Superior Company, for making "THE FINEST PRODUCT" available to "A VERY NEEDY ADULT BABY"! I will sleep "IN SWEET PINK SOFTNESS STARTING TONIGHT"!
Babied Tuesday December 2, 2014
I just ordered my forst AIO PULL diaper in color Bubble Gum Pink! I cannot wait to pull the diaper over my hips, and stretch into my pink fleece footed pajamas, and "SLEEP LIKE A BABY"!
Derpduhhh Thursday November 20, 2014
I bought my first Dependeco recently. (AIO) and I'm absolutely in love with it. The fit and comfort is unbelievable. I am currently wearing it for the first time, it absorbs really really fast, and wicks away amazingly. I really can not express how satisfied I am. I will totally be buying more! I have been a full believer in bambinos for many years. This, however, will most likely change that!
Babied Friday November 14, 2014
I "Am Very Excited", about the thought of ordering mu AIO PUL Diaper! It should go nicely under my pink fleece footed pajamas.
Babied Friday November 14, 2014
I plan to purchase the wonderful AIO Pull diaper(bubble gum pink) in late November, or early December, and can't wait to pull it over my hips, and then stretch into my pink fleece footed pajamas, and sleep "LIKE THE BIG BABY THAT I AM"!
Kevin Saturday November 8, 2014
Ordered two AIO on Tuesday, and received them today (Friday). Great quality, unlimited adjustment, and strong stitching. Immediately washed per instructions and will try tomorrow after dry. I can not say enough about comfort and fit during test fitting. thanks Monika!!!
Fundamental Wednesday September 17, 2014
If been a repeat customer and I just wanted to say how appreciative I am that you source some really cute prints (I know how hard they are to find!) and offer some variety beyond just baby colors.
Tobias Monday September 8, 2014

You have many nice adult baby things in your store.
Igor Monday September 8, 2014
I seriously do like discovered dependeco antes.As diapers are really wonderful. They are comfortable, soft, fit well and give me all safety preciso.Foi love at first sight! Who does not use, should use. I recommend dependeco. Love my diapers dependeco.8f03
Wayne S Wednesday June 25, 2014
I love the adult diapers. They are well made and very comfotable to wear. I wear mine with the diaper doubler in them. This way it holds alot while keeping me dry. The dispers are snug fitting and descrete to wear. The thing i love the most it how comfortable my diaper stays when it is wet and messy. Having the diaper doubler in it makes for an easy clean up when i am in a messy diaper. I mess in my diapers two to three times a day. So having a great quality diaper is very important to me. There are times i have had to wear my wet and messy diapers for an extended time and they never leaked. I still get diaper rashes from extended time in a messy one. But thats life for me in diapers. My wife loves all the nice prints and never wants me to cover them while am at home. Thanks for such wonderful adult diapers.
Wayne S Sunday June 15, 2014
IIwear your all in one adult diapers with a doubler 24/7 These diaper remain comfortable even when wet or soiled..i have been wearing these diapers for more then a year. They wash and wear well and remain leak proof. I am completely incontinent and depend on a good diaper. I never know when or where i will have an accident in my pants. Having a high quality diapers on makes a big difference especialy when you are a heavy wetter and messer. I can wear these diapers with confidance. The diaper and diaper doubler when worn together make for easy clean ups. I lve all the cute designs and prints on the outside of my diapers. My wife doesnt like for me to cover up my diaprrs while at home. She says i look very cute in themand its easy for her to check if i need changing.when i wear them under my jeans its very hard to tell that i am still in diapers. I am very greatful for your wonderful diapers. Right now as i send you my coments i have wet and pooped in my diapers. I have no worries and i remain confortable. Thanks for a great diaper!!!!
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