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Cotton or Flannel Prints Adult Diaper Cover (ANY PRINT)


For this diaper cover you may pick any of the cotton or flannel prints available in AIO Cotton/Flannel Diapers. Outer layer will be made out of cotton or flannel print of your choice and inner layer will be made out of breathable laminate (PUL) which is 100%polyester. Laminate side of the pul fabric (slick side) will be visible on the inside of the diaper cover.  Serged for superior durability. Hidden elastic around the legs and in the back for a snug fit. Hook & loop fasteners with fold back laundry tabs for a strong hold. FULLY washer and dryer safe ( medium heat ). Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Needs to be washed at least once before use.PLEASE , DO NOT FORGET TO WRITE IN YOUR PRINT CHOICE IN A "MESSAGE BOX" AT THE TIME OF THE ORDER>