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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  All those options are confusing. Can you describe each type of diaper?

All In One (AIO) PUL diaper is the original, the best, the easiest to care for and the easiest to get a handle on if you are new to AIO cloth diapers. This diaper consists of two layers: outer waterproof 100% polyester PUL layer (polyurethane laminate) and inner "stay dry" 100% polyester alova suede layer. 300 GSM microfiber soaker pad sewn inside the diaper. All In One PUL diapers are also available with gussets (leak guards) which come in handy for those who have issues with leakouts. Sadly, PUL print fabric is not available in a wide variety of super cute or licensed prints. That is why I created cotton All In One diapers and flannel All In One diapers. These are the original PUL diapers covered with an additional (third) layer of cotton or flannel prints. These are leak-proof as well but need more attention/practice because if the outer cotton or flannel layer folds inwards, it will pull wetness out of the diaper, making it seem like the diaper itself is leaking through, wetting everything around. When putting these on: run your fingers along the elastic leg openings, stretching it over your bottom, while making sure the outer cotton/flannel layer is not folded inside the diaper. 300 GSM microfiber soaker pad is sewn inside the diaper. PUL pocket diaper consists of the same two layers as the All In One PUL diaper, but it is open in the back waistline so the microfiber soaker pad can be easily removed for shorter drying time or to be used without soaker pad as diaper cover. You can also insert multiple soaker pads to double and triple the absorbency of your diaper, yet take it all apart for washing and drying. Pocket diapers come with one removable 300 GSM microfiber soaker pad. Flannel diapers are not leak-proof and require plastic pants or diaper cover. Solid color velcro closure flannel diapers consist of three layers: two layers of 100% cotton flannel on the outside and one layer of alova suede 100% polyester inner. A 300 GSM microfiber soaker pad is sewn inside the diaper. Pinned flannel diaper consists of four layers of 100% cotton flannel and 8 layered flannel soaker pad sewn inside the diaper. Swim pullup diaper is a PUL shell only, it does not have any absorbency to it. It should be used with cloth/disposable diapers or cloth/disposable booster pads.

Q:  Where are Dependeco Diapers manufactured?

Dependeco Diapers are manufactured in Eastern Pennsylvania. I make each and every item myself from start to finish. I pride myself in catering to my customer's needs and providing personal attention to every customer if needed. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns regarding your items. I have been a professional seamstress since I was 17 and I love what I do. I take time to pay attention to every detail in order to ensure customer satisfaction.

Q:  Will Dependeco Diapers shrink overtime?

PUL diapers will not shrink at all. I would even say that these will loosen slightly over time. Cotton and flannel diapers will shrink a tiny bit, no more than 0.5-1.5 inches in the width depending on the fabric.

Q:  Will Dependeco Diapers work overnight?

For overnight or extended periods of time, you will most likely need to use a booster pad/soaker pad or two, depending on your needs. Over the years, I've learned that no rule applies to all.

Q:  I'm trying to determine if I can get a good fit out of your diaper. How do I measure "rise" ?

To determine your "rise" measurement: start measuring from your waistline (or top of the diaper) in the front center of your body, down through the crotch onto the waistline (or top of the diaper) in the center of your back. If you determine that you need slightly shorter or slightly taller rise than what is available on my standard sizes I will adjust it at your request at no additional cost. Please keep in mind that custom pieces are always "final sale" and can not be retuned for exchange.

Q:  What measurements do I need for a bodysuit?

To have your custom bodysuit made, you will need the measurements for your waist/hips/chest to determine the width. For the length, you will need to measure from the top of your shoulder (high by the neck), down the center of your torso, through the belly button, onto the middle of the crotch. For long sleeves: please start measuring from top of the shoulder by the neck over the shoulder down your arm to the wrist (with your arm down by your side). All measurements should be taken with a diaper on. Please include your measurements when ordering.

Q:  What if I need a bigger or taller diaper/cover/training pants?

I do slight adjustments to give my customers a perfect fit at no additional cost. If you need a taller or shorter diaper, I will adjust the rise for you. All custom diapers are "final sale" and cannot be returned/exchanged for any reason. I do make them bigger than XL (up to 62") but I do charge an extra $10 per piece on top of the price of a standard size in a given print. Please contact me for more information.

Q:  I am a parent of a disabled 8 year old boy. He grew out of the x-large diapers in kid's size , yet size small in adult diapers seems too big. Are you able to do a custom size for me?

I can definitely create custom diapers for your child. All I need is the measurements for waist/hips and rise. The price would be the same as adult diapers and prints available would be the prints available in adult diapers.

Q:  Will my order come in a discrete package?

Yes. All orders ship via USPS Ground Advantage or Priority mail in unmarked boxes or envelopes with my personal name as return info. No one will know what is inside unless they open it.

Q:  Can I supply my own fabric for diapers/covers/training pants/bodysuits?

Yes. You are welcome to mail in your own PUL/cotton/flannel prints. You will need one yard of fabric per each diaper if it's 42-44 inches wide. If the fabric is 58-60 inches wide and you're getting size small/medium/large, I will be able to make two pieces out of one yard. If you are in need of a size XL, I will not be able to make two pieces out of one yard, but I can make a matching bib or matching diaper for your plushie. Most bodysuits require 1.5-2 yards of 58-60in wide fleece or knit fabric. Bodysuit fabric has to stretch at least a little, I cannot use cotton or flannel prints for bodysuits because those fabrics are firm with no stretch at all. The fee of $30 per item plus flat rate shipping fee of $8.40 will be invoiced through PayPal when I receive the fabric. The invoice is payable in full before the items are shipped. All custom orders are ready to ship within 3-4 business days from the day I receive the fabric.

Q:  Are there special care instructions to make Dependeco Diapers last years to come?

All items are machine wash and dry unless otherwise noted. Please try on your items before washing, as I will not accept any exchanges once the item has been washed and/or used. Wash all new diapers/diaper covers/training pants without fabric softener/bleach (bleach alternative), and dry it without using dryer sheets at least once prior to wearing. For velcro closure diapers and diaper covers, always wash and dry open flat with velcro tabs folded back (in half) to prevent damage to the diaper itself or other items. Training pants should always be washed and dried inside out. I recommend using brand name liquid laundry detergent like Tide, Wisk, or Arm & Hammer. DO NOT use gel, pods, or any concentrated detergent. NEVER use fabric softener, bleach, bleach alternative, stain lifters, oxyclean, dryer sheets, or any detergent with one of these added. Always make sure to dry it throughout after each wash. All In One (AIO) diapers will feel dry to the touch fairly quick even though the soaker pad inside might still be wet. If the soaker pad stays damp time after time, it will affect diapers absorbency, and it will smell. NEVER pre-soak your diapers, store dirty items in a plastic container without water until ready to launder.

Q:  How absorbent are Dependeco Diapers?

Any and all All In One (AIO) diapers and pocket diapers have the same soaker pad in them, therefore the same absorbency. Sizes small/medium/large will hold approximately 32 fl oz comfortably while size XL will hold approximately 42 fl oz. Absorption will increase slightly after 4-6 initial washes. Flannel diapers have more absorbance but the absorbance will vary with sizes. Bigger sizes will be more absorbent due to a larger amount of flannel fabric needed.