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Thursday February 02, 2023

Cleveland, Ohio

I received my order of Teddy Bear Aqua PUL pants size medium. Perfection. I wore them to work over my cloth back disposable diaper with discretion and added peace of mind. I recommend the PUL diaper covers without reservation.

Travis Godfrey

Sunday June 19, 2022

Oak Grove, MN

From the owner of #ABDLtruth....I'm so glad, Monika, that you have been able to utilize the logo that I designed for you some years ago. I'm glad to see you using it. I was so happy to do it for you. Thank you for your support in the past, and we hope you'll continue to support us as time goes on!


Sunday June 05, 2022

Troy al

I have been wearing dependeco adult diapers everyday for years. I absolutely rely on these diapers cause they are very well made. I am completely incontinent and use my diaper regularly for their intended purpose. For me they are easy to change and easy to wash. Take it from me being in diapers 24/7 and I do use my diapers. I am very pleased with the quality and workmanship. I wear them all the time.


Monday December 13, 2021

Utah, USA

Monika is absolutely wonderful and a true artisan. Aesthetically unrivaled in both form and function; her diapers are absolute perfection. I just wish I had more money so I can order more of them.


Sunday October 03, 2021

Excellent product and customer service!


Tuesday October 13, 2020


Hi. I had made an order about 3 months ago and I feel like leaving a message now. I bought almost the whole color pack of solid AIO adult diapers, as if the taxes were expensive.But its worth. These diapers are too far the best ones. These ones fit you perfectly and you haven't any leak, they have modern design, they have inner room to add 3 or 4 inserts,you can choose inner color you like, they are sexy with lively colors. They are washed quickly and easily too.The material is superior and sewing is very very good.I suggest to everyone to try them on.Its like you don't wear diapers but a brief. The feeling is excellent. And Monika was very helpful about some questions.

Cloth Diapered Fox

Friday August 28, 2020

Sioux City, IA

This cloth diaper with the foxes on them are super cute and nice and soft. They might not be super absorbent but are at least thin enough to be discreet so other people can hardly tell if you're wearing a diaper or not underneath your clothes. I wear my boxer shorts over them for a diaper cover. So glad I got to buy one of these before they were all gone. Wish you could make more cloth diapers with foxes on them, plus it would be nice if there were some Disney's Robin Hood ones, Tod from the Fox and the Hound, and even Nick Wilde from Zootopia. FYI, I just wear these to bed as part of my sleepwear to keep my bed dry in case I get too exhausted to get up to run to the bathroom. This cloth diaper I have is a great match for having a fox collection like fox plushies and even Disney foxes like Robin Hood, Tod, and Nick Wilde, plus even a great fit for wearing underneath fox kigurumi which I enjoy wearing as sleepwear to feel like a fox. Cloth diapers will always beat disposables for these are better for the environment and don't contain chemicals known to cause cancer and rashes. If disposable diapers are bad for babies, they're bad for adults too and anyone regardless of age, because we're all people.


Friday June 26, 2020


Mrs Monika is an amazing person. 2020 has been a stressful time for all of us and she's been a bright light in my life. I just wanted to take a moment to say that she's worked wonders in my wardrobe and have given me undies I can trust :D I cant thank her enough for something simple as reaching out to make sure I was okay. Keep this one safe <3


Tuesday December 24, 2019

Inola ok usa

I just got my third one from you you do such amazing work


Tuesday August 27, 2019


I got the Ruffled PUL Pull Up Diaper Cover and OMG I love it! It's so adorable and I love the ruffles. Perfect for a littles outfit and every day use. <3 If you love ruffles You need one :D

Jordan West

Tuesday August 13, 2019

Chicago Illinois

Not only is the diaper amazing and beyond expectation (it's my first one from here :) but Monika provided wonderful customer service. I had an unfortunate postal mishap and she took great care of me very quickly. Thank you for providing such a wonderful, drastically needed service for those of us that need quality diapers, for any and all reasons. You're beating your competitors by miles in my book.


Monday August 05, 2019

Vancouver Island, Canada

I want to thank you for such great work in your sewing the obvious love of your diaper designs that you make. I have just worn my first cloth diapers for the past week! I love them, now have two more on their way home to me! Great and discreet shipping to Canada was tracked all the way, NO troubles or taxes added at the border! Very soft, very comfortable, not noisy under jeans. The Velcro tabs are so strongly secure. Keep up the great work!