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Adult Baby Cotton or Flannel Waddle Diaper (shell only)


This waddle diaper can be made in any prints/colors available in other types of diapers I offer (print pictured NOT available) It is shell only and it will not come stuffed... it is not leakproof.. it will consist of a print / color of your choice plus one layer of white flannel and inner layer of alova suede.. crotch width will vary with size but being that I have to make it wider than standard diapers and being that it will be stuffed from front to back - most of you should go up a size..it will also be 3 inches higher than my standard diapers, making small's rise 35", medium's and large's 38" and x-large's and 2x-large's 42".... open in the back with velcro closure to keep stuffing in.. will come with extra piece of loop tape to cover hook tape when stuffing it.. each piece is custom made so please tell me which print do you want me to use for your piece in addition to any other requests when ordering..