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Tuesday August 14, 2018


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Lifelong Bedwetter

Friday July 13, 2018

I am a lifelong bedwetter. I wet very heavily, almost every night. I wear a diaper out of necessity, not for pleasure. My diapers and covers are in white or blue. I have tried every kind of bedwetting and incontinence product made in the last 30 years: every kind of disposable diaper; contour, flat and prefold cotton diapers (in gauze, birdseye and flannel); and every kind of plastic pant. About 5 years ago, I bought my first pair of Dependeco PUL diaper covers, which I used to hold an anatomical pad. They were amazing. They held the pad sungly in place, which is essential. They caught the little leaks. They even mitigated the occasional flooding. The alova suede lining was the most comfortable thing I have had next to my skin. The double velcro tabs still hold like new. The PUL has stood up to thousands of hot-water washes and still looks and functions as new. A few years ago, the floods became more common. I bought all-in-ones, in the hope that they would contain even the floods. They did a remarkable job. On every AOL I have ever had before the Dependecos, the plastic (usually vinyl) wears out or cracks or tears before the diaper. The Dependeco PUL is still going strong. I cannot recommend Dependeco products too highly.


Tuesday May 08, 2018

West Virginia

Got my first and in my opinion,BEST cloth diaper from you. Very soft, very comfortable, everything I needed. Not only an excellent product, but probably the fastest service for anything I've bought online, so major kudos for that as well. You are amazing, thank you. :)

Danny. Lintz

Wednesday March 14, 2018

United States

You undoubtedly make the best cloth adult diaper, you can absolutely see immediately how much pride you put into your products. Thank you.

Mama is thinking of it <3

Wednesday February 28, 2018

I Wanted to say that I wanted to get a little surprise of Christmas but its hard to surprise yourself. I asked Mrs Monika if she could help and she made a wonderful surprise. When I opened the descrete mailer there was a great little gift bag which held my newest dipaer. Amazing products and the customer service I want hundreds of more diapers and onsies from her. Thank you so much !


Wednesday February 28, 2018

Life's too short to wear ugly boring diapers.. buy Dependeco!!!

Baby Cody

Wednesday February 28, 2018

Tulsa, OK

I bought my first AIO jungle diaper use it every night even some times with a diaper on.. I wased it 600 times still looks like new.. nothing has come loss or broken.... This is why I have come back to order my 2nd one I'm trying to not use disposable ones


Wednesday February 28, 2018


Nighttime cloth diaper. I searched for a very long time cloth diapers that meet my needs exactly (disposable diapers are very expensive and often uncomfortable), and I finally found! Monika makes simply amazing products. I was looking for a nighttime (heavy wetter) pull-up cloth diaper. She do only hook & loop fasteners diapers, so she made specially for me a classic training pant with a wider 4 layers soaker pad (going to the sides for side-sleepers) and an open pocket at back to add an additional 4 layers soaker pad. This additional pad is difficult to put due to the tickness (it is maintained on the sewn in by hook & loop fasteners, so you cannot simply slip it). The result is absolutely extraordinary. The inner aolva suede is the softest fabric you can imagine, and an excellent wetness barrier. The soaker pads are very thick and fluffy. This diaper is the most comfy underwear I ever worn. Furthermore I choosed one in blue galaxy which extremely cute (with inner burgundy). There is nothing similar in term of comfy and design that those products in disposables. The only reproach I have to do is that it shrink after the first washing. Then now legs and waist openings are limit and it can mark the skin after a long night. To conclude, I would say I am extremely satisfied about my order, and I would highly recommend you to make a try. If we could put a note to this product, I would give 4.5 stars (half less for the shrinking). Thanks for all Monika, and have nice end of year festivities.

Wayne S

Wednesday February 28, 2018

Troy alabama

I have been in the all-in-one diapers for over 3 years. I wear them everyday and every night. They have been washed hundreds of times and still look and wear like new. I am completely incontinent and haven't used a toilet in three-plus plus years. I've only used the the diapers. I wear them with a Doubler and it helps what absorption and clean up. I'm like a big toddler that wears his wet messy diaper most of the time. The diapers keep everything contained while I'm wearing it. Rare occasions I will wear the diaper with plastic panties. The reason for it as I know I don't have a place to change so I wear the plastic panty for Extra Protection. I have rarely had a leak while wearing a wet and messy diaper. I have loved the fact that I can tote a load around in my pants and not worry. I am very pleased with the workmanship of the diaper that I so proudly wear. For an incontinent person this is very important.


Wednesday February 28, 2018


the galaxy all in one is a really good product. i like the thickness and love the fact they have good leak protection. though i would say i would like them better if they were a tiny bit thicker.


Tuesday August 22, 2017

GA and MN

Today I got the little fox cloth diaper and I love it so far! It fits perfect and it's adorable and comfortable! I'll be wearing it at Teddycon this year and will tell everyone about your site!


Tuesday August 22, 2017

New York, NY

Three years ago, I bought two pair of extra large white PUL adult diaper covers. I have worn one every night since. I wet the bed five to seven times a week, so they each have been machine washed, in hot water, at least 400 times. They are still like new. The hook and loop strap closures are as secure as they were new. The pants are as soft as new. The stitching has not loosened or broken. Neither the PUL cover nor the lining has worn. These are also the most comfortable thing I have ever worn for my bedwetting. Even in the hottest part of the summer, the pants are no hotter than cotton underwear would be. The lining is excellent.