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Adult diaper cover in your choice of size and colors.

— Small's measurements are 26-33"(65cm-84cm) waist/hip, 29" (74cm) rise

— Medium's measurements are 32-38" (82cm-97cm) waist/hip, 32" (82cm) rise

— Large's measurements are 37-45" (94cm-115cm) waist/hip, 32" (82cm) rise

— X-Large's measurements are 44"-54"(112cm-137cm) waist/hip, 36"(92cm) rise

(If you're in between 2 sizes please go with the bigger one) 

These are actual measurements, NOT pant sizes. FULLY washer and dryer safe ( medium heat ). Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Needs to be washed at least once before use.

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Solid Color Pull Up Adult Diaper Cover


Solid Color PUL Adult Diaper Covers


Size Small Velcro Diaper Cover


PUL Print Pull Up Adult Diaper cover


Cotton or Flannel Prints Pull Up Adult Diaper Cover


PUL Print Adult Diaper Covers


Cotton or Flannel Prints Adult Diaper Cover


Locking Cotton or Flannel Prints Pull Up Adult Diaper Cover


Ruffled PUL Pull Up Diaper Cover