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Wednesday February 28, 2018

Life's too short to wear ugly boring diapers.. buy Dependeco!!!


Wednesday February 28, 2018


the galaxy all in one is a really good product. i like the thickness and love the fact they have good leak protection. though i would say i would like them better if they were a tiny bit thicker.


Tuesday August 22, 2017

New York, NY

Three years ago, I bought two pair of extra large white PUL adult diaper covers. I have worn one every night since. I wet the bed five to seven times a week, so they each have been machine washed, in hot water, at least 400 times. They are still like new. The hook and loop strap closures are as secure as they were new. The pants are as soft as new. The stitching has not loosened or broken. Neither the PUL cover nor the lining has worn. These are also the most comfortable thing I have ever worn for my bedwetting. Even in the hottest part of the summer, the pants are no hotter than cotton underwear would be. The lining is excellent.


Tuesday August 22, 2017

GA and MN

Today I got the little fox cloth diaper and I love it so far! It fits perfect and it's adorable and comfortable! I'll be wearing it at Teddycon this year and will tell everyone about your site!

Returning Customer

Tuesday August 22, 2017


As a returning customer, I have to say, I love these diapers! Way better than disposable, and very manageable. The best I have found. I bought my first one in mid-2014, and now I'm coming back for another due to the quality and durability. 100% care and quality goes into these!


Saturday April 22, 2017

United States

The diaper changing pad you made for me saved my life! Lol (a very yucky scenario happened during a change) clean up was a breeze. Listen up little ones... you need one of these change pads! Trust me LOL


Thursday April 20, 2017


My dear Monika, thank you for making such wonderful products! The diapers and the bed pad/ changing pad saved my bed last night lol


Monday April 17, 2017

United States

I bought one of the Batman ones and another cloth one from a different website. I will end up buying more of which one works better for me. So far, the Batman one from this site is doing remarkably well.

baby Jedward

Wednesday April 05, 2017


I have received my aio diapers and they are awesome. I love mlp fim and look forward to other paterns. Eventually I would love to order a body suit, but time will tell. please continue to expand you product lines, they are awesome.

Geoff Flight

Wednesday March 29, 2017


I bought 9 of these fabulous nappies almost 5 years ago and they form half of my 24/7 nappying. ONly now are they looking like needing to be replaced after 200-300 wears and even then, it is only the outer covers that have gone. The inners are still in close to 100% working order. But I do like the fabulous outers! Will be ordering 15 more soon.


Friday March 17, 2017


I'm the little that Kerry mentioned in her review. She got me the teal tinker bell for my birthday. It arrived today and I never want to take it off again! I love it so much! It's the first time a cloth diaper has ever fit me. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


Friday February 17, 2017


I just wanted to take a moment and thank you, I just recived my new nappie in the mail yesterday and already spent the night in it. it hid well under my work pants and even with the doubler it was a great fit. Thank you again this is my 3rd one and I want to get 2 more before the end of this year. One will be a gift for another Little :) I cant wait to come back. :)