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Monday September 08, 2014

São Paulo -Brasil

I seriously do like discovered dependeco antes.As diapers are really wonderful. They are comfortable, soft, fit well and give me all safety preciso.Foi love at first sight! Who does not use, should use. I recommend dependeco. Love my diapers dependeco.8f03


Monday September 08, 2014


Hi You have many nice adult baby things in your store.

Wayne S

Wednesday June 25, 2014


I love the adult diapers. They are well made and very comfotable to wear. I wear mine with the diaper doubler in them. This way it holds alot while keeping me dry. The dispers are snug fitting and descrete to wear. The thing i love the most it how comfortable my diaper stays when it is wet and messy. Having the diaper doubler in it makes for an easy clean up when i am in a messy diaper. I mess in my diapers two to three times a day. So having a great quality diaper is very important to me. There are times i have had to wear my wet and messy diapers for an extended time and they never leaked. I still get diaper rashes from extended time in a messy one. But thats life for me in diapers. My wife loves all the nice prints and never wants me to cover them while am at home. Thanks for such wonderful adult diapers.

Wayne S

Sunday June 15, 2014


IIwear your all in one adult diapers with a doubler 24/7 These diaper remain comfortable even when wet or soiled..i have been wearing these diapers for more then a year. They wash and wear well and remain leak proof. I am completely incontinent and depend on a good diaper. I never know when or where i will have an accident in my pants. Having a high quality diapers on makes a big difference especialy when you are a heavy wetter and messer. I can wear these diapers with confidance. The diaper and diaper doubler when worn together make for easy clean ups. I lve all the cute designs and prints on the outside of my diapers. My wife doesnt like for me to cover up my diaprrs while at home. She says i look very cute in themand its easy for her to check if i need changing.when i wear them under my jeans its very hard to tell that i am still in diapers. I am very greatful for your wonderful diapers. Right now as i send you my coments i have wet and pooped in my diapers. I have no worries and i remain confortable. Thanks for a great diaper!!!!


Thursday May 15, 2014

Grimsby, ON

I have bought a number of Monika's diapers, inserts (doublers), and a couple of bibs. They are the best designed, best made, modern style adult cloth diapers on the market. Monika is a pleasure to work with. She goes out of her way to help you. Thanks again Monika! Michael


Friday March 07, 2014


My galaxy PUL AIO diaper came in yesterday. I'm incredibly impressed at the quality of construction and comfort. I'll definitely be purchasing more soon!


Friday December 20, 2013


I ordered the baby animals print and they were also the first ever cloth diapers I ever tried on.....I loved them. Perfect snug feel. Next one on my list to order is the bugs bunny design. Thanks again for making such a good quality product!


Sunday November 10, 2013


Ordered the AIO Flannel diaper and it is made perfectly, so soft and comfy with a cute design. I recommend to anyone.


Monday November 04, 2013


Very good products of good manufacture and very useful. I recommand them to anyone. Thanks again for your products.


Wednesday August 21, 2013

Alaska, USA

These diapers are amazing! I love how soft they feel. I purchased a bunch of the AIO PUL diapers with the velcro tabs and could not be happier. With a booster, they absorb so much fluid! Kudos on making a great product!


Friday July 19, 2013


The best All-In-One(AIO)diaper being made today! Very cute pattens, strong stitching and long lasting! Fast and friendly customer service and very dependable! Thank You for everything!


Thursday June 27, 2013


I am already a proud owner of five Dependeco pants; they are perfectly made and of outstanding quality. Moreover they are very comfortable. The orders were always handled efficiently with a very friendly attitude. Thank you for the great service. Benny